•  The Office of Public Information and Development
    The office of Public Information and Development uses a variety of communication tools with which to inform the public about the exciting things going on in the district.   The PI office publishes a district enewsletter every two weeks.   "The D-Link" reports on information coming in from all 16 schools and opens with a timely message from the Superintendent.   "The Rapport Card" is the district's enewsletter for staff and is also published every two weeks.   The district also is active in social media, posting to Facebook and Twitter.   A "Pinterest" page will soon be available offering a variety of resources and information for parents.   This office is also responsible for the district's website, and offers training and tips for each school's webmaster.   
    As part of the development process, the office is responsible for "The Experience", the new after-school enrichment program in programming, forensics, engineering and robotics. This program is currently for students in grades 3 - 6.  The Director serves as the district's liaison to the Downingtown Community Education Foundation. 
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McGlone, Patricia Director of Public Information and Development 6113 pmcglone@dasd.org Visit Page