The Downingtown Area School District provides a continuum of services in accordance with Federal and State laws and our mission to educate all students. We are dedicated to the facilitation and supervision of programs that support students with special needs in cooperation with families and district school building staff.

    ?Our Pupil Services staff supervises and facilitates programs for all students in the district in cooperation with families and district school building staff. This includes special education services, gifted education program and programs for protected handicapped students.

Name Department/Title Extension Email Web Page
Chance, Louis Director Pupil Services 6162 lchance@dasd.org Visit Page
Hammond, Stephanie Administrative Assistant 6162 shammond@dasd.org
Berrios, Ann Supervisor of Special Education 6165 aberrios@dasd.org Visit Page
Bryan, Christine Supervisor of Special Education 6163 cbryan@dasd.org Visit Page
Dennis, Meghan Supervisor of Special Education 6160 mdennis@dasd.org Visit Page
Dickmann, Carrie Supervisor of Special Education 6276 cdickmann@dasd.org Visit Page
Farrell, Ryan Supervisor of Special Education 6164 rfarrell@dasd.org Visit Page
Otto, Jonathan Supervisor of Special Education 6166 jotto@dasd.org Visit Page
Podell, Troy Coordinator of Career Readiness 7511 tpodell@dasd.org Visit Page
Malandro, Nadine Pupil Services Secretary 6159 nmalandro@dasd.org
Schemering, Susan Pupil Services Secretary 6158 sschemering@dasd.org
Van Hoorebeke, Crystal PIMS Coordinator 6138 cvanhoorebeke@dasd.org Visit Page
Cura, Pamela Central Registration 6229 pcura@dasd.org
Siegel, Jamie Attendance Officer/Home & School Visitor 6225 jsiegel@dasd.org Visit Page