Cultural Equity

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    Cultural Equity Task Force Purpose

    • To build opportunities for staff and students to foster relationships that nurture cultural awareness and respect
    • To improve school Climate in order to achieve and sustain cultural Equity awareness, inclusion, and respect in our schools and in our community 


    At DASD, we are committed to sharing values of diversity and inclusion in order to achieve and sustain excellence in education. Our school community has an intentional focus on cultural competency for students and staff and we believe that equity and inclusion are the responsibility of everyone. Our District leadership and staff recognize and support open communication to allow all staff and students the opportunity for growth and individuality.

    As a diverse district, we continually seek ways to strengthen our educational environment. We believe that we can best promote excellence by recruiting and retaining a diverse group of staff who bring various backgrounds and perspectives. Our ability to create and maintain a climate of respect is critical to attaining the best teaching and learning environment, helping us meet our strategic goals.

    Efforts toward acceptance, respect, awareness, inclusion, and a “speak up” culture are demonstrated at all levels:

    District Level

    • Cultural Equity Task Force initiatives
    • Curriculum
    • Professional Development
    • Fostering an environment of inclusion 

    Building Level

    • School Cultural Equity Teams
    • Welcoming and celebrating cultural experiences shared by our stakeholders
    • Creating safe environments for staff and students
    • Supporting individuality and identity to build self esteem
    • Offering various options for open communication


    • The teaching of acceptance and kindness
    • Cultural contributions which support inclusion and global awareness
    • Focus on culturally responsive resources and strategies
    • Guiding communication to allow shared perspective and importance of difference 


    • Communities that Care
    • Home and School
    • Parent Volunteers
    • Chester County Senior Volunteers
    • CETF Community Members

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